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Case study

An Insolvency Practitioner approached us with a small company insolvency where it was believed assets had gone missing. There was little information available and they had only recovered one computer with no password access.

We were able to create a login and access remotely, without the computer being physical present and

  1. Recovered all usernames for that computer and re-set the passwords to give full access and established when the computer was last accessed by each user.
  2. Found 3 million files many of which had been deleted
  3. Recovered a number of deleted files
  4. Found Microsoft Outlook back up files of emails
  5. Established that there was a missing data drive, possible external
  6. Established that there were more computers to be recovered

This is our initial review service which in this case took around three hours.

Financial problems
Wealth Planning
  • A review of all computer equipment available, usually by logging in remotely.
  • Identification of:
    • users and last log in times
    • computer software used; Microsoft, accounting, encryption software,
    • online/cloud software used
    • emails and deleted email
    • missing drives or other computers
    • data types found, present or deleted
  • Analysis of deleted files, deleted profiles or any other “missing” information
  • Records of downloads of software and other data files
  • Potential sources of data relevant to the enquiry
  • Identification of other devices such as handheld mobiles and notepads
  • Review of information to create a timeline of events
  • We are often able to recover previously deleted data; restoration of deleted files
  • Reconstruction of Microsoft Outlook for each user with all emails and calendar data
  • Recovery of other files such as call center voice files
  • Review of accounting data where the accounts data file is available (possibly restored if previously deleted)
  • Re-creation of deleted or unavailable accounts data from records, computer data, deleted but restored computer data files
  • Reconciling accounting data file to past signed accounts and any other available information
  • Checking data to prime records where available
  • Establishing a timeline of events, including a solvency review at agreed intervals
  • Reporting on:
    • financial information
    • missing information, including bank and other third party statements, transaction documentation and financial transaction instructions
    • altered data and relevant users
    • further data entry and reconciliation work required to produce conclusive financial information

Our final report may be after data entry and reconciliation work has been carried out (See below)

  • Establish missing accounts data and enter into a duplicate copy of the data file to retain integrity of original data. This includes mass data entry by our team of experienced data entry staff
  • Review of the accounts data file to establish the accuracy of data already entered and the consistency with data entered by our team.
  • Reconcile accounts balances with any third party evidence available

Having extracted/restored as much deleted or otherwise lost data, reviewed the accounts data, entered and reconciled additional data and reported we can then examine the information relevant to the scope of work as previously agreed. It is possible that the forensic IT and accounting work carried out by our teams may widen the scope of work.

There normally follows a period of liaising with the Insolvency practitioner, lawyers and any relevant third parties before producing a final report which may be instrumental in the next legal steps.

One of our network associates, working closely with us, provides asset tracing and recovery services. Tracing assets such as cars and small boats is normally straightforward but where assets have been misappropriated or transferred to unrelated parties or overseas ownership, further investigation is required. For larger and mobile assets, such as valuable yachts and private aircraft, tracing is still possible, as well as asset recovery, even in hostile environments.

Setting up business in Great Britain
Setting up business in the U.K

• Company formations and secretarial
• Annual statutory accounts and filing
• Payroll, VAT and Corporation Tax returns
• Reporting abroad to HQ
• Forecasts and strategy

Financial problems
Financial problems

• Unable to pay bills and taxes
• Pre insolvency planning
• Refinancing and debt restructuring
• Business continuity

Tax compliance and planning
Tax compliance and planning

• Subcontractor tax reclaims
• Personal tax returns
• Enquiries and investigations
• Family business tax planning

Case study
Case study

This is our initial review
service which in this case
took around three hours.


• Accounting and bookkeeping
• Register Payroll, VAT and Corporation Tax
• Credit control
• Business advice

International business
International business

• Expanding abroad
• Lower cost procurement
• International group reporting
• Accounting


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Wealth Planning
Wealth Planing

• Restructuring of family companies
• Planning for a sale

Forensic Accounting and Investigation
Forensic Accounting and Investigation

• Forensic accounting
• Working with Insolvency Practitioners
• Cash and other asset tracing
• Bulk data analysis

Buying and selling businesses
Buying and selling businesses

• Business appraisal and valuation
• Sourcing target companies
• Due diligence
• Sale preparation; teasers and IMs
• Sourcing investors

Pubs, Bars and restaurants
Pubs, Bars and restaurants

• Accounts outsourcing
• Consolidating results across locations
• Internal audit and control systems
• Finance and leasing

Accounting and Systems
Accounting and Systems

• Quickbooks online and desktop
• Xero
• Exchequer
• Sage online and desktop
• E-commerce and system integration

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